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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Visita Iglesia: Garden and Shrine of Jesus, the Divine Word (formerly Christ the King Seminary Chapel)

Christ the King Seminary Chapel

After visiting Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine, we proceeded to the next church on our Visita Iglesia list, Christ the King Seminary Chapel, now known as Shrine of Jesus, the Divine Word.

Christ the King Seminary Chapel

As what can be expected on a Good Friday, there were a lot of people inside the chapel itself. And like in Mt. Carmel, the altar is also set up. But this time, I think it is for their Seven Last Words program.

Christ the King altar
People doing the Stations of the Cross are outside within the shaded open area near the seminary and parking lot where the Stations were set up. I believe this was done to avoid overcrowding and to allow devotees to do their round of stations without being disturbed by the ongoing preparations inside the chapel.

The Garden of the Divine Word
Seeing a lot of people walking about, we opted to do the Stations of the Cross at the Garden of the Divine Word, which is located further down the path inside the seminary complex. This is actually a 3-level columbary fronting a garden with a grotto. Upon entering its premises, one can already feel the peace and serenity of the place.

The Garden of the Divine Word Columbary

There is an area near the entrance where religious items are being displayed. It is located at the Terrace level of the 3-level complex where the vaults of the columbary were constructed.

Display area of religious items

3-level Columbary (from the top): Terrace, Promenade and Garden

A pond spanning the front of the complex can be found at the Garden level, filled with koi fishes. The children had a great time watching the fishes swimming about.
Koi pond at the Garden level

Hubby and the children watching the fishes
Located within the well-kept, beautifully landscaped garden fronting the complex is the Grotto of Our Lady of Annunciation. An altar can be found midway up the stairs leading to the figure of the Virgin Mary, while sets of concrete seats similar to an amphitheater is situated at the bottom of the steps. A pond also separates the altar area from the concrete seats. While scattered around the garden premisses are the Stations of the Cross where the religious are praying.

Our Lady of Annunciation

Steps leading up to the grotto

The Altar and the Grotto above it
 A Station of the Cross

I would say that The Garden of the Divine Word is a very child-friendly place where they can run around, albeit parents have to watch their children when climbing up and down the stairs and while watching the fishes swimming in the ponds. It would also be best to take bug repellent with you as the lush plants and trees in the garden tend to breed different types of insects. Putting on repellent lotion or spray would prevent any unwanted insect bites, especially on your children.

The well-landscaped Garden of the Divine Word

Shrine of Jesus, the Divine Word (formerly Christ the King Seminary Chapel)
The Garden of the Divine Word
Christ the King Mission Seminary Compound
1101 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue Quezon City 1112
Telephone Number(s): (632) 726 5002; (632) 725 8981 to 82
Fax Number: (632) 412 061

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